a team of six people walking on the team building activity centipede

Also known as Skis and Marsh Stompers


The team face the challenge of walking, as a team, on two planks with rope handles. It is great fun and is typically chaotic for the first few steps. As the team get their act together by communicating, agreeing procedures, being prepared to accommodate one another and thinking of the team rather than pure self interest, then results improve.

Development aims

Great for team building and team development.

Focuses on


Great with team of up to 6. For larger teams then use more sets of team building centipedes. This activity also works fine with slightly smaller teams of down to 4 people.


30 minutes.

How it works

A typical session lasts for around 30 minutes though there are many variations that can extend this to a 1 hour teambuilding session or it can be used as a 5 minute ice breaker.

The basic team building activity is simply completing 10 steps in a row without anyone touching the ground. More complicated teambuidling would be completing a specific distance whilst maintaining a rhythm. Even more complex teambuilding activity would be to complete a course that would involve going round obstacles. The longer the course and the more twists then the longer it will take.

two wooden planks with siz pairs of rope handles for the team building centipede

Kit includes

A pair of centipedes with rope handles for 6 people.
Trainer instruction PDF sent by email.


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