Helium Stick

about 12 people in two rows facing each other
with the helium stick team building activity resting on their raised hands

Also known as Magic Stick


The team are faced with putting a light weight stick on the floor whilst working within a specific set of rules. If you haven't seen it or experienced it for yourself, then that might not seem to be particularly challenging or difficult. On the other hand if you have been part of this activity you will know all about the frustration and laughter that goes along with this seemingly simple activity.

Development aims

Great as an icebreaker or energiser.

Focuses on


The Helium Stick activity is best used with groups of between 10 and 16.


Between 2 and 20 minutes depending on the size of the group. The larger the group the longer it takes to put the Helium Stick on the ground.

How it works

The group are asked to place a Helium Stick on the ground, as a team.

They are restricted in that everyone must support the Helium Stick on the backs of their index fingers at all times.

Typically the Helium Stick goes up rather than down, until the team organises itself.

(There is no helium in the stick, it is the way that the team works, or doesn't work, that makes the stick rise or fall.)

a helium stick shown partly folded into 7 sections
folds for ease of carrying

Kit includes

Helium stick
- 3.5m long
- lightweight
- gold coloured aluminium
- end protectors
- folds down to 50cm for ease of carrying
Trainer instruction PDF sent by email


Free delivery within Great Britain.
Price includes VAT.

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