a team assembling the interlocker team building activity

Also known as Team Building Planks, Assembly, Shelving


The team are set the challenge of assembling a set of planks. They are provided with an assembly diagram. Once assembled they then go on to refine the assembly process to reduce the time it takes.

Development aims

In our team builds we tend to use this as a tool to focus on continuous improvement and role definition. It can also be used for problem solving or as an energiser or team building activity.

Focuses on

Group Size

The activity is best used with groups of around 4-8. For larger groups it is best to use more than one set.


The activity comes with instructions to use in two different ways, one for 20 minutes and the other for 1 hour.

How it works

The group is presented with a pile of oversize puzzle pieces and are tasked with putting them together to form a grid system.

It could take 20 minutes to work that out. They are then faced with refining the process to get it assembled in less than 2 minutes with each member of the group putting at least one piece in place.

a long thin bag for the interlocker team building activity

Set includes

18 puzzle pieces
Carry bag (current batch of bags are black)
Assembly diagram PDF sent by email
Trainer instruction PDF sent by email


spacer image to help layout only