Shape Sorter

4 pieces from the shape sorter team building game, odd shapes, one is sort of like a hedgehog


Whilst blindfolded the team must work out from a set of shapes, which two pieces have been removed. Each individual team member has access to a limited number of pieces, but they can communicate by talking.

Development aims

A team problem solving activity that will draw upon on teamwork and communication.

Focuses on


The activity is best used with groups of around 8-12 however is still works with larger and smaller groups.


Typically the activity will take around 30 to 40 minutes.

How it works

The team are presented with a set of 30 shapes made up of six sub sets. All of the pieces in each set have the same external shape, however each peice in the set has a different internal cut out shape. Before the activity starts the facilitator removes two of the pieces. The teams task is to work out which two pieces have been removed - whilst blindfolded.

Participants may talk as much as they want but each individual has access to only a few of the shapes.

the shape sorter team building kit of 30 pieces, 12 blindfolds and one carry bag

Kit includes

30 Shape Sorter Pieces
12 blindfolds
Carry bag in black
Trainer instruction PDF sent by email.


Free delivery within Great Britain.
Price includes VAT.

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