Team Building Activity Sets

Team Building Activities are a great way of energising any training or team building day. Practical hands on activities involving a group of people working together and seeing what can be achieved by a group of motivated and co-ordinated team workers can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Our favourite and most popular team building activities can be purchased on this site and then included in your own training and team building days.


team working out how to put the Interlocker team building activity together More details

This Team Building Activity involves 18 pieces that interlock to make a specified pattern. Solving the puzzle is Stage 1. Stage 2 is about refining the process to complete the puzzle in a significantly faster time.

Shape Sorter

images of 4 of the pieces of the team builidng activity Shape Sorter
- odd shapes, hard to describe, sort of hedgehog, bizarre fish and more More details

This Team Building Activity involves 30 pieces each defined by both an external shape and an internal cut out. Together they make up a complete set. Whilst blindfolded the team must work out which two pieces have been removed from the set. - Of all the team building activities this has the strongest focus on communication.

Helium Stick

team of people in the middle of the Helium Stick team builidng activity,
a lot of laughter and some puzzled looks More details

This is one of the most frustrating and memorable team building activities that you will come across. A task that would take an individual moments can reduce a team to chaos and laughter.


a team of six people walking on the team builidng centipede, lots of smiles and focus More details

As team building activities go, this is a good one. Very practical but unless you work as a team you are going no where.

Group Juggle

many juggling balls in mid air with the team trying to catch them
right at the toughest moment of this team building activity More details

A challenging and fun team building activity that involves juggling, as a team. The process quickly gets more complicated. Striving for a better result becomes quite compelling.


A logic puzzle to be solved as a team.

More details

Zin Obelisk

A slightly harder logic puzzle, again to be solved as a team.

More details

All team building activities come complete with equipment, facilitator notes and group briefing sheet where appropriate.

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