Team Building Equipment

Team Building Equipment for you to use in developing and running your own team building activities.

Navy Blue Blindfolds

team building equipment, a single navy blue blindfold with twin elastics and nose piece More details

A standard blindfold, very similar to those provided on some long haul flights.

Black Blindfolds

team building equipment, a single black blindfold with twin elastics and nose piece More details

Same style and quality as the navy blue blindfolds, just a different colour.

Blindfold Goggles

team building equipment, a set of blindfold goggles, black plastic, adjuster strap More details

A more substantial piece of kit than the simple blindfold.

Ear plugs

a pair of tapered blue foam ear plugs with rounded end. More details

An unusual item of team building equipment but becoming increasingly popular. Used to restrict communication abilities they can make many team building activities more complex.

Juggling balls

a pile of juggling balls, tennis ball sized, 4 colour with red breen blue and yellow More details

Juggling balls are a great item of team building equipment, very versatile and used in many different games.

Barrier tape

a reel of red and white barrier tape More details

Barrier tape, essential team building equipment for marking out exclusion zones and of course, shark infested custard.

Shock cord / bungee cord

a reel of black shockcord More details

Ideal for making and repairing existing team building equipment.

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