Zin Obelisk


The team are set a logic puzzle to solve whilst working together within specific constraints.

Development aims

Great as an energiser or team building activity with the whole team working together towards a shared goal.

Focuses on


Zin Obelisk is best used with groups of between 6 and 12.


Zin Obelisk typically takes 30 minutes.

How it works

Information is given about various aspects of the construction of a structure, the Zin Obelisk, including how many people are working, how big a Zin they have to build and when they can work. From the information provided the team have to work out what day the Zin Obelisk will be completed on.

By spreading the Zin information amongst a team and stating that the information can only be shared verbally and that no writing materials or calculating instruments may be used, it is turned into a great team building exercise.

Kit includes

PDF sent by email including:


No delivery charge, sent by email.

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